The Compass Portfolio range offers investors a choice of global, risk-targeted multi-asset funds which are actively managed by the multi-asset team at Old Mutual Wealth’s Investment Division.

The portfolios are truly globalised with no specific regional biases. They can be ideal solutions for investors who are seeking to diversify their investments over multiple markets, sectors, assets and investment styles. Each portfolio is a basket of assets packaged within a single fund, representing a highly diversified portfolio of global stocks and shares, alternatives, fixed interest and cash.

One of the key benefits of investing in a diversified multi-asset portfolio is that they can offer a smoother overall investment journey as different asset classes usually have different return behaviours. This is a proven way to spread risk and could help protect client’s money during periods when markets are performing poorly. Clients can also switch between portfolios as their investment needs change over time which can help ensure their investments are aligned with their needs and objectives.

In summing up, the key benefits of the Compass Managed Portfolios are:

  • Risk targeted. Regularly re-balanced to stay within the risk profile as per the KID and hence linked to the risk profile of the client
  • Actively managed. There is no constrain between holdings of asset classes which means that Managers can apply strategies based on market conditions.
  • Multi-asset. Includes a wide variety of assets form all the main classes of equities, bonds, cash, alternatives
  • Internationally diversified. Invests globally and hence take advantage of best performing markets.