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for retail and affluent investors

How it works

We use Insurance Policies (known as wrappers) to hold all of your investments in one place. Insurance wrappers provide access to top funds that otherwise would require high minimum investment amounts and entry fees. Also they provide asset protection, succession planning and allow to gift segments.


€37.500 or more

Create a portfolio using collectives - managed portfolios, ETFs, researched funds.

€75.000 or more

Create a portfolio using collectives plus any assets from the open market, worldwide such as direct equities, bonds, commodities, etc.

€375.000 or more

We assign a portfolio manager to design a bespoke portfolio based on your needs. In this policy, you can transfer bank accounts, privately owned company shares, etc.

Products we use

Managed Portfolios
  • Risk targeted
  • Regularly re-balanced
  • Internationally diversified
  • Actively Managed

Each portfolio contains a different mix of assets, chosen with the aim of maximizing their expected long-term return for a given level of risk. These include funds across a variety of asset classes, direct equity and fixed-income holdings, and alternative investments.

Bespoke Portfolios
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Bespoke investment management
  • Mix of equities, funds, ETFs, Bonds
  • Discretionary or advisory

We design bespoke portfolios for individuals, companies and pension funds  to meet your specific needs. These could be based on liquidity, expected return, risk tolerance and many other factors. In this case, a Portfolio Manager  is assigned to design the portfolio.

Researched funds
  • Researched funds by Quilter
  • Risk targeted
  • Sector targeted
  • Best of breed fund houses

Choose from 50 multi-currency researched funds, based on your risk tolerance. These funds – vetted by Quilter plc - have been chosen as the most appropriate to invest in by international asset managers with global presence covering all major asset classes.

Structured products
  • Capital protected - the investor has no risk on market downside
  • Fixed term (usually 5 years)
  • Offered in major currencies
  • Complex products

These products are manufactured by BNP Paribas and distributed exclusively worldwide by Old Mutual International.

Fund houses we use


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Goal Portfolios Insurance Advisers, Agents and sub-agents Ltd is authorised and regulated Life Insurance company by the Cyprus Insurance Companies Control Service (ICCS). Goal Portfolios promotes Life Assurance Products, suitable for long term investors and for inheritance purposes.

Important information: Investment means that your capital is at risk and the value of investments can fall, therefore you may get back less than you invested. Past performance is no guide to future performance. There is no guarantee that the tax efficient nature of any investment will remain.