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We are a regulated insurance company located in Cyprus. we are regulated by the Insurance Companies Control Service (ICCS) which is part of EIOPA, the EU Authority for Insurance and Pension.

We specialize in Life Assurance, that is investment products wrapped in a Life Insurance contract.

Assets included in the above portfolios are liquid (can be cashed within 5 business days. No entry fee, no exit fee, no minimum lock-in period.

We offer full services for the following market segments:

  • Retail Investors

    These are usually novice investors that would like to be advised and not take unnecessary risk.

  • Affluent Investors

    These are usually investors that want a portfolio manager assigned and a custom made portfolio.

  • Name of thHigh net worth indiviuduals

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  • Companies

    These are usually companies that would like to manage their cash, pension funds, family offices that would like a bespoke solution.

  • Trusts


  • Family office

    Family offices