Our investment process

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Assets included in the above portfolios are liquid (can be cashed within 5 business days. No entry fee, no exit fee, no minimum lock-in period. As Insurance Advisers we will need to get some information from you. Here is the process we follow
  • Fact finding. We need to get some information from you on your financials and intentions so that we can propose the correct products for you
  • Risk profiling. We use questionnaires to assess the risk capacity of each client.
  • Asset allocation. We recommend a number of funds based on the risk profile of the client. The client can pick a number of these to construct its own portfolio
  • Account opening. There is an online application form to be completed and documents to be submitted.
  • Monitoring. We monitor your portfolio and suggest possible changes. These could be because of client new needs, change of risk profiling or re-balancing your portfolio.